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Created date: January 1, 2024

For organize human resources management processes in institutions and companies. The software is a powerful employee and human resource management tool to organize and simplify processes related to employee management and improve work efficiency.


Features of employee management software include:
Employee Files: All employee-related information is stored and managed in a central database, including personal and educational information, past experiences, performance evaluations, salaries, and more.
Attendance and leave management : Employees’ attendance and leave are accurately tracked using GPS, and data is recorded in the system to generate accurate reports on attendance, leaves, and absences.
Wages and Salaries Management : Personnel management software can calculate wages and salaries automatically and accurately according to attendance records, tax information, and local laws.
Leave and Absence Management : The program can facilitate and organize the processes of requesting leaves, tracking absences, and generating detailed reports on the use of leaves and absences.
Data Analysis and Reports : The software provides customized reports and data analyzes to help management make strategic decisions based on reliable information.