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Created date: October 1, 2023

The technical support and maintenance ticket management program for electronic devices is a system designed to facilitate and organize the processes of managing technical support and maintenance for electronic devices.


The program includes many important features and functions, including:
Ticket Registration : The program allows customers to open a technical support or maintenance ticket for their electronic device. Fault details and customer contact information are recorded, and each ticket is assigned a unique identification number.
Ticket Distribution : The program distributes registered tickets to the appropriate technicians based on skills and availability. Priority tickets are assigned, work is scheduled to be received, and task progress is tracked.
Track and update tickets : Technicians can update the status of tickets and record details of the maintenance or repair provided. A historical record is recorded for each update made to the ticket, making it easy to keep track of workflow and maintenance history.
Performance Reports : The program provides reports and statistics on the performance of the technical support and device maintenance team. These reports can be used to identify weak areas, improve operations, and provide improvements in customer service.
Providing customer contact : The program allows customers to provide feedback and ratings and submit additional requests directly through the system. Call conversations and responses can be recorded to document communication with customers.