Web application


Created date: January 1, 2020

It aims to organize and simplify the management of medical clinics. This program provides a set of tools and features that help organize administrative processes and improve work efficiency in clinics.


Main features of the medical clinic management software:
Appointment management: The program allows patient appointments to be easily managed, as appointments can be set and allocated to doctors and patients based on availability and individual needs.
Electronic Patient Records: The software allows the creation and management of electronic patient records, which allow secure and accessible storage and updating of patient information, such as health history, diagnoses, and prescriptions.
Billing and Payments: The software can generate automatic invoices for medical services provided and track payments from patients and insurance companies, facilitating the process of managing accounts and collecting funds.
Reports and statistics: The program provides detailed reports and statistics about the clinic’s performance, such as the number of patients treated, clinic revenues, and other statistical information that can be used in making administrative decisions.