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Created date: March 1, 2019

It aims to organize and simplify the management of the operations of commercial companies operating in the field of wholesale and retail sales. This software provides a range of tools and features that help improve business efficiency and enhance profitability


Some key features of wholesale and retail business management software:
Inventory management: The program allows effective tracking and management of inventory, including determining available quantities, reordering, and identifying goods that need to be reordered.
Point of Sale (POS): The program includes a point of sale system that helps conduct sales and marketing operations smoothly, including managing invoices, sales, discounts, and various payment methods.
Sales and Customer Management: The software provides tools to track and analyze sales, including information about best-selling products and top customers. Special offers can also be customized and marketing campaigns planned to increase sales.
Supplier Management: The program allows managing suppliers and tracking shipments and payments due, which facilitates dealing with suppliers and ensuring timely availability of products.
Account Management: The program provides tools to track payments from customers and suppliers. Payments received and payments due can be recorded, and customer and supplier accounts updated accordingly. The software can help the company prepare and follow up on the financial budget, analyze expenses and revenues, and generate various financial reports such as income, balance and cash flow reports.
Reports and Analytics: The program provides detailed reports and analyzes on company performance, such as monthly sales, profitability, and inventory analyses. This information can be used to make management decisions and improve performance.