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Created date: December 1, 2022

Specially designed to organize and facilitate bookings for flights, accommodation, transportation and tourism activities. This program aims to improve business efficiency and facilitate the tourism company customer experience


Summary of some of the main features of the tourism company management software:
Reservations Management : The software provides tools to effectively manage and track reservations. Employees can easily create, edit and cancel reservations, and track reservation details such as dates, number of people and services booked.
Destinations database : The program contains a comprehensive database that includes information about various tourist destinations. Staff can access information about hotels, excursions, tours and tourist activities available in each destination.
Payment and pricing system: The program allows managing payment and pricing processes. Employees can create quotes, set required rates and fees, generate invoices and manage payments and collections.
Customer Management: The program contains tools to manage and track customer information. Customer data, contact information, history of previous bookings and personal preferences can be recorded, making it easier to personalize the service and improve the customer experience.
Reports and Analytics: The program provides detailed reports and analyzes on bookings, revenues and performance of tourist destinations. This information can be used to make management decisions, improve performance and identify common tourism trends.